Certainly, no one wants
suffer from hemorrhoids , but unfortunately there may be some wrong habits that we do in our daily lives without knowing their true impact on us, so in this article we will tell you about those habits that you must avoid to protect yourself from Having hemorrhoids without worry, so continue with us the next article.

What are hemorrhoids?

is an abnormal dilation in the size of the blood vessels located at the end of the rectum and anus, a problem similar to the problems of varicose veins that occur in blood vessels in various areas of the body.
Habits that cause hemorrhoids 1. Carrying heavy things You may think that it is safe to carry heavy objects with the pressure you feel on your back, in fact you are wrong, as this weight may cause you to increase pressure on the rectum, causing the veins to swell like a balloon, which is known as the hemorrhoidal plexus, so avoid carrying heavy objects on your back And rest on your knees correctly.

Lifting weights at the gym Excessive lifting of heavy weights in the gym may cause you to develop hemorrhoids . It is good that you want to improve your level of fitness, but according to your abilities and without harming your body, so select the appropriate weights for you. Read also:

Sitting for a long time on the toilet Well many people prefer those times when they sit quietly on the toilet with their mobile phone, but this bad habit that brings bacteria to your phone may cause you to get hemorrhoids too! If you are sitting for a long time on that open toilet, gravity will put undue pressure on your veins, so when you are done, do not continue sitting at all.

Diet 4
What you enter your body from food is an important factor in protecting your body from hemorrhoids, so your wrong eating habits that rely on fast foods, canned foods and fats will only cause you harm, especially with these foods lacking the fiber required for your body, which helps maintain the flexibility of bowel movement. You have, as research shows, that eating fiber helps relieve symptoms of hemorrhoids and bleeding, even if it takes a while.

5. Neglecting constipation Being constipated causes pressure on the lumps in that area of ​​your body, in addition to the pressure of hard stool on the anal cushions, which causes the veins to swell, so do exercise, eat the fibers required for your body, and do not forget to drink enough water, in order to maintain regularity Your bowel movement. Read also: Causes of constipation, ways to treat it, and how to prevent it.

6. Neglecting diarrhea Hemorrhoids are one of the most common causes of hemorrhoids, and going to the bathroom several times causes pressure and swelling in your veins, so it’s important to know the reason behind your diarrhea, which could be due to a virus such as the flu , medication, a foodborne illness, or adjusting your diet.

7. Pregnancy
Certainly, the experience of pregnancy is special, and pregnancy may not be a habit for a woman, but pressure in the abdomen, in addition to the expansion of the uterus, hormonal changes or constipation, all of which are common pregnancy symptoms that cause hemorrhoids, so eating fiber, drinking water and taking laxatives will help to overcome this condition. With a doctor’s advice. Read also: What are the annoying symptoms of pregnancy? And how can it be disposed of? In the end, do not let the matter worry you, just avoid these habits that we mentioned, to avoid getting hemorrhoids, also for any health inquiry you can consult one of our doctors .. from here.