The harms of masturbation in the future for men are a fear that threatens a large segment of young people who are exposed to it, especially with the spread of many rumors about its negative impact on sexual, psychological and physical health in general. Some of them may be true and others are just false rumors that have no basis in truth. Which must be corrected for young people and discussed medically to avoid the real harms of masturbation and avoid its addiction.

Therefore, the Top Doctors team presents a set of inquiries that may come to the minds of many young people about the damages of masturbation and its impact on an individual’s sexual and psychological health.

Which was discussed with us by Dr. “Saad Abu Melha”, one of the leading consultants in the field of urology, andrology, infertility and microsurgery.


What is masturbation? And why do some resort to it?

Masturbation, also known as “masturbation”, is a natural innate habit practiced by most young men at the age of puberty. It is a method of sexual self-gratification by stimulating the genitals, often using the hand, or some may resort to using special devices or tools to help reach orgasm.

Arousal during masturbation takes place either by visual, audio, or reading materials, or by thinking and imagination (fantasy). Most young people resort to it as a method of sexual gratification, especially for the unmarried, but in some cases it turns from a natural innate habit to a pathological behavioral addiction .

How does masturbation affect the sexual, psychological and physical health of a man?

It is a natural innate method, if it is within reasonable limits, then its effects are positive, but excessive use of it has negative sexual, psychological and physical effects.

Sexually: It has negative effects in the present, such as attachment to pornography and in the future, as some people reach the stage of preferring masturbation over sex because it satisfies his desires more, especially if his orgasm is related to certain ideas that cannot be fully or partially applied in real life.

Psychologically: Although masturbation is considered an outlet for pressure and stress , a lot of it leads to isolation from people as well as sitting for long periods alone, not to mention the loss of long times that can be used for what works.

Physically: It is undeniable that masturbation is one of the factors that release sexual energy and reduces the chances of congestion of the genitals , especially the prostate gland, but excessive use of it causes stress and tension.