Does your child suffer from redness in his eyes? Are you worried about that? So follow the article, it contains all the important information about red eyes in children.

In the following, let us know all the important information and details about red eyes in children:

Causes redness of the eyes in children

The reasons for the redness of the eyes in children in the following:

Exposure to pollutants

Of the most common causes that lead to redness of the eyes of children is exposure to pollutants, as the eyes of children are very sensitive and do not assume any of these pollutants, which notably:

Dust or dirt.

Hair or animal dander.

cigarette smoke.

Blockage of lacrimal duct

Blockage of the lacrimal canal from diseases affecting the small child after birth and during the first months of age, due to a large number of eye secretions in this period and the immaturity of the drainage system of the eye tear completely.

Often causes blockage of the canal lacrimal red-eye in children, and in some cases, should see a doctor.

Eyelid injury bump

One of the main causes of a red eye when children are infected is bumps eyelid, which usually appears on the edges of the eyelid.

Jag causes annoying feelings in the child and needs to be a topical treatment, and in some cases, gradually disappears without treatment, so you should see a doctor in both cases to find out the most appropriate.

Exposure to eye injuries

Children are very vulnerable to eye injuries because they are completely unbalanced in their actions, for example, a child the fall and learns to walk, a child who falls when runs and all injuries that touched the eye led to the redness of the eyes in children.

The entry of any sharp tool into the child’s eye causes the cornea to be scratched the eye and red.

Inflammation of the eyelid

Inflammation of the eyelid is a disease that affects the eyelids due to increased secretion of fat in the eye or exposure to bacteria infection, often resulting in inflammation each of the following:

Redness of the eyes in children.

Peel over the appearance of the eyelid.

Blockage of the canal is lacrimal sometimes.

Symptoms associated with redness of the eyes in children

The redness of the eyes when children show but often be next to a group of the following symptoms:

Swelling of the eyelids: where they become what about the eye area swollen and swollen significantly.

The appearance of secretions from the eye: can some secretions yellow appear in addition to the torrent of tears.

Itching in the eye: the child feels eye irritation and tries to rub frequently as a result of the presence of inflammation in the eye.

Peel off the skin around the eyelids: so that the skin around the eyelids of drought and precipitation begins.

Treatment of red-eye in children

Naturally, the redness appears when the eyes of children during the first weeks after birth, but if the problem persists, you must consult your doctor to find out why, and to begin treatment so as not to worsen the problem.

Often the treatment is redness of the eyes in children in the following:

The application of cold compresses the eyes after closing.

Application of topical ointments especially through the eyes of children described by the doctor.

Surgery in rare cases, so if the redness of the eyes in children results from strong and reasoned patients requires surgical intervention.

Methods of prevention of red-eye in children

It can prevent red eye in children by following the instructions of the following:

Maintain eye hygiene: This scans the child’s eye gently with a clean cloth dampened with lukewarm water, it protects the eye from bacteria and viruses and helps them get rid of the secretions of the eye.

Keep a clean bed baby: washing the lids constantly if they were unclean may lead to the transmission of germs to the child’s eye.

Keeping the hands clean and cut nails: more things that can be dangerous to the skin and the eyes of the child is his nails, they can enter the eye and cause a scratch and redness, so long should not survival